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We invite you to experience firsthand the capabilities and functionality of our cutting-edge software designed specifically for animal shelters, rescue organizations, and animal control agencies. Discover how Pet Friend can revolutionize your operations and empower you to save more lives.

Explore Our Intuitive Interface:
Get acquainted with our user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes navigating Pet Friend a breeze. From comprehensive dashboards to streamlined workflows, our software ensures an effortless and efficient user experience for your entire team.

Dive into Key Features:
During the demo, you'll have the opportunity to explore the key features that make Pet Friend a game-changer for animal welfare organizations. Experience the power of our animal management tools, adoption and foster management modules, donation and fundraising capabilities, volunteer coordination features, and robust reporting and analytics.

Efficient Animal Management:
Witness how Pet Friend simplifies animal management tasks, allowing you to track important details, manage medical records, monitor vaccinations, and maintain up-to-date information on behavior traits. Streamline the intake process and ensure accurate and comprehensive records for each animal in your care.

Streamlined Adoption and Foster Process:
Experience the seamless adoption and foster management features that enable you to manage inquiries, applications, home visits, and adoption/foster agreements in one central system. Automate communication with potential adopters or fosters, ensuring timely updates and personalized engagement.

Maximize Donations and Fundraising:
Discover how Pet Friend can help you optimize your organization's financial support. Explore our integrated donation and fundraising features, create tailored campaigns, securely accept online donations, and generate insightful reports to track fundraising progress and nurture donor relationships.

Simplify Volunteer Coordination:
Witness the ease of managing your volunteer base with Pet Friend's volunteer coordination module. See how you can streamline volunteer applications, schedule shifts, track hours, and communicate important updates. Empower your volunteers to make a meaningful impact while fostering a sense of engagement and belonging.

Data-Driven Insights:
Experience the power of data-driven decision-making with Pet Friend's comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities. Discover real-time insights on animal population, adoption rates, fundraising performance, volunteer engagement, and more. Leverage custom reports to gain valuable insights and drive continuous improvement.

Ready to embark on your Pet Friend journey? View our demo using the links below. Join the growing community of animal welfare organizations that rely on Pet Friend to save and improve the lives of countless animals.

To view a demo of our software click which demo you'd like to try below. Each version of our software offers different features depening on what kind of organization you are.

For example the "Shelter Plus" version of the Pet Friend software is aimed toward medium to large professional animal shelters (this includes state and munical run shelters). These shelters take in on average more than 1,000 animals per month. The shelter plus version is also aimed at animal control organizations (dog wardens or dog catchers) and includes a module specifically for animal control (Officers Module).

The "Shelter" version of the Pet Friend software is aimed at small to medium sized animal shelters. These shelters are commonly municipal or privately run shelters. These organizations usually take in less than 1,000 animals per month.

The "Rescue" version of the Pet Friend software is animed toward animal rescue organizations. These organizations are typically ran by private individuals and may work side by side with animal shelters. Animal rescues typically take in less than 1,000 animals per month.

For more information about the features of the software please go to our features page. For a matrix view of features and price comparisons please go to our purchase page. To view our free online demos click the clicks below for each version of our software.